Precautions and methods for storing measuring instruments2024-05-10

1. Temperature: Temperature is an important factor affecting the service life of measuring instruments. In general, measuring instruments should be stored in a room with a stable temperature, avoiding too high or too low temperatures, and rapid temperature changes. The general storage temperature requirement is 5-35℃.

2. Humidity: The influence of humidity on measuring instruments is also very large. Too high humidity will lead to moisture, corrosion and other problems of the instrument, too low humidity is easy to dry the instrument, affecting the service life. The general storage humidity requirement is 40%-60%.

3. Vibration: vibration refers to the vibration of the ground, the vibration of the machine, etc. Such vibration will affect the accuracy and sensitivity of the instrument, so it is necessary to choose a stable and earthquake-free place when storing the measuring instrument, such as avoiding storage in the production site.